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(Fannish) Goals - recap for September

On Day Three of [community profile] snowflake_challenge I set myself some goals for 2017, and here's what I did last month:

Post to one DW community I follow at least once a month.
Ah, nope. Nothing to show this month. I'm feeling bad about it, too, because there actually are some things I want to post about.

Make some fannish posts to my own journal at least once a month.
See above. Nothing to show this month, which is sad, because I do have some things I want to post about here, too. Hopefully this month!

Go to the gym or get some other exercise at least once a week.
Yeah, that went well I guess. *g* I walked and hiked a lot during my vacation, the longest hikes were a bit more than five hours. Of course, that might have been a bit too much for my foot...

Stick to my new financial plan, but try to save up money for traveling again.
Spent nine days in Scotland, yay! Now it's back to saving up again.