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Scottish Jokes

I just created [community profile] scottish_jokes_daily, because I need some fun in my life. It's still pretty much empty at the moment, but that will change over the next days.
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So [personal profile] ketsudan's post last week made me want to do some photoposts for this comm. I don't have time to put one together just now, but I thought I'd share a couple that I made previously in my own journal of my trip to the Shetland Film Festival a couple of years ago.

Starting on the main island and the largest town on the islands.


And the island of Bressay across the sound.

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scotland picspam

As my friends like to call "country porn", I made an appreciation post for some of the many wonderful views you can see in Scotland no I am not jealous of everyone who lives there OH WHO CARES YES I AM.


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(no subject)

So, a topic that most people seem to have an opinion on - Independence. Are you for or against independence? If so, why?

I'm indifferent on the issue, myself. I agree with most of both sides' points too much to actually settle with one opinion.
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Welcome to [community profile] scotland!

This community is for all thing Scotland and Scottish - from ancient history to current happenings around the country.